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International military IC independent distributors

We specialize in the independent distribution of military IC, have professional talents, provide all-round supporting services for high-tech industries, and have a global procurement network, rich in resources and affordable.

Factory original brand, quality assurance

As an independent distributor, we always pay attention to the quality of our products. All the products supplied are original and can be issued with certificate of origin, certificate of quality and inspection report of the factory.

Cooperate with the original agent to offer competitive price

The company and the original agents have maintained good relations of cooperation, we are committed to reducing harassment links in the industrial chain, so as to ensure maximum customer profits.

Lots of spot stock, quick quote

The company has a large number of spot stock, and can purchase or order according to the customer's requirements. We offer an offer within 24 hours for the inquiry of the standard model. We are pleased to make an effective reply within 72 hours.

Fast delivery, meet customer demand

We have advanced e-commerce platform and perfect logistics system, which can explain the rapid procurement of electronic components to customers, express delivery to the customer's hands, to meet customer emergency production needs.

Solemn promise, let you worry free after sale

Solemn commitment: the company sold any of the chips are guaranteed original factory; if the product has inherent quality, appearance defects, goods and other issues, we unconditional recall and bear the freight.

About Us

Shenzhen Chuangyu Xingtai Electronic Technology Co. Ltd is a professional engaged in military grade, industrial grade integrated circuit. For the aerospace, military weapons, radar ship, industrial control, logging, electric railway, military experiment, medical equipment, communication engineering, instrumentation, defense research and other high-tech industries to provide a full range of supporting services.